Based on the novel «Impossible to forget» written by Uladzimir Karatkievich.

The premiere was held in March, 2012.

Two centuries, two fates tightly connected into one whole. Could it be the memory of ancestries or is it just the line of history? The only thing is clear, love is transmitted through blood, it penetrates the memory of generation in case the love is real… They met each other at the Literary university in Moscow. He is a sincere Belarusian and young poet AndreyGrynkevich, who cherishes in the corner of his mind the grand painful and mysterious ferry tale about the love of grandparents which had no chance… She is a beautiful intelligent married professor of art Iryna Horava.
Horava… That’s the name so familiar to Andrey, some melancholy trace… The person, who saved Andrey’s grandmother in the critical and dreadful night of 1863 also bore the name of Horau… Can this woman, who has caused the flame of love to arise in his heart be the descendant of the very Horau?!.. Can it be possible, that today, a century later, the love of ancestries finds its realization at last… But the fate was waiting for its moment to say the word…

Photo with performance is here.




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